Discover our innovative language platform with 100% online language courses. Improve your language skills in a personalised and rapid way.

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France course

France course

Learn and improve your French language skills.

A complete Online Language Platform!

Would you like to attend a 100% online language course? Our platform will let you become an expert in French!

From beginner to advanced level

Our online courses are available for all different levels: from absolute beginner to experienced language learner. You can refresh your basic grammar skills whenever you like, for example by following the news of the day or perfecting your professional language.

With our interactive vocabulary modules you will learn the language needed for travelling, shopping, getting a taxi, booking a hotel for a city trip, asking for the bill in a restaurant, understanding and communicating easily with native speakers, whatever their accent and much more.

Business France

The Business France course covers a range of topics to learn everything you need to succeed in the workplace. You will learn how to participate effectively in meetings, argue and defend your point of view, sell and present products and services. After this course, you will feel confident introducing yourself, answering the phone in France and writing business emails.

Daily news in native language

Daily international news in the original language. Through our platform you can access new videos and news articles in France every day. These news articles are accompanied by a dictionary to help you with your reading, as well as other tools and activities to test your level of understanding, such as mini-quizzes. The daily news is available on your tablet or smartphone and can be enjoyed wherever an internet connection is available.

Adaptive level test

Would you like to assess your language level and identify areas for improvement? The subscription includes an online test that compares your level of proficiency with the European CEFR. The European language proficiency level is recognised by most employers and is therefore particularly useful on your CV. The results of the progress tests are carefully maintained to allow you to track your progress over the weeks.



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