Tailored E-learning Platform

EduTech combines state-of-the-art technology with knowledge of the problems associated with training, and tackles all the aspects of technical problem-solving every step of the way.

Tools for the

Technical equipment is integrated in a real, physical area to create a highly social environment where bonds and teams are formed, eliminating all factors of isolation and encouraging a cooperative form of learning.

Audio-Video Conference Solutions

Recent technological development and investment in ultra wideband wireless networking have made video-conferencing an increasingly useful and convenient form of communication.

Edutech’s E-learning Centre

EduTech can help you implement an E-learning platform that is tailored to your needs and for the exclusive use of your organisation. Ours is a real E-learning Centre where you can set up services for training, collaboration and communication and for the certification of the activities of your collaborators or clients. It is a web environment for multilingual remote learning made available as a service.

Please register to request information on how to set up an E-learning Centre (http://companyname.elearning-center.it) which is ADL SCORM certified and compliant with Italian and international web accessibility guidelines.




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