Program all training activities, organize them by thematic areas and structure the analysis of satisfaction.

Schedule the courses

Develop all types of training experiences directly from the platform: organize activities, add details, objectives, and much more.
Define the target group for each course, so that it is only visible to those interested.

Course catalogue

The catalogue view allows you to browse through the entire training offer available. The classification by thematic areas simplifies navigation and the search for specific initiatives.
Participants will be able to enrol themselves in training initiatives, activating a possible authorisation process.

The satisfaction questionnaires

Monitor the satisfaction of the initiatives delivered in a quick, standardized and accurate way.
At the end of each course, administer the most suitable questionnaire for the thematic area or organization and collect the results in a single environment for an overall view of the academy. Send the questionnaire via email from the platform, include it within a training course or through a link, to encourage compilation.