Controlla la presenza in aula, traccia le attività asincrone e sincronizza tutto nel registro elettronico. La piattaforma ADEVICO poggia le fondamenta sul nuovo standard internazionale Experience API (precedentemente noto come Tin Can Api)

Personal Badge in classroom

It monitors and certifies classroom attendance simply and easily: thanks to the personal code of the users available in the personal area, it records who is present directly with the webcam of the tablet or the PC.

It synchronises the data in the register, integrating the attendance of the virtual lesson automatically


Attendance in Virtual Classroom

The platform is fully integrated with Zoom and ready for integration with major web conferencing programs, such as GoToMeeting, Google Meet, Cisco Webex, Adobe Connect and many others. This allows attendance tracking using the new xAPI standard, which certifies the frequency of activities.

It synchronises data with the registry and automatically issues attendance certificates to people with the necessary requirements.


The xAPI technology allows the platform to connect to different types and sources of data. For this reason, Edutech has developed an open environment in which you can configure and customise your own statistical tracking players.

xAPI TIN CAN player

The Player Experience API (xAPI) is the core of the certification system valid for legal purposes of the activities carried out on the platform.
The Player, developed according to the specifications of the xAPI standard of (The Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative), introduces full compatibility with the latest web technologies and compliance with the stringent security specifications imposed by the latest web browsers. The player is designed and tested for use in various web browsers, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge. Particular attention has been paid to ensure backward compatibility with the latest version of Internet Explorer officially supported by Microsoft (IE11).
The xAPI Player allows to take advantage of the latest web technologies for the production of new multimedia contents and the reuse of pre-existing materials thanks to the possibility offered by the main multimedia authoring software, including Articulate Storyline, to save packages in the specific TinCan (xAPI) format.


Thanks to xAPI technology, Edutech has created an exclusive Player dedicated to the distribution of videos (.mp4) with frame-by-frame and time tracking of the use.
The possibility of tracking standard video content opens up innovative scenarios of use in the educational field, drastically reducing the time needed to create and produce materials.