Tailored E-learning Platform

EduTech combines state-of-the-art technology with knowledge of the problems associated with training, and tackles all the aspects of technical problem-solving every step of the way. The Training Portal provides the user with a personal work, learning and collaborative environment offering training material, documentation for the various departments within the company, and collaboration tools for sharing knowledge and expertise.

EduTech works with the Department of Computer Technology and Corporate Studies at the University of Trento to offer E-learning methods, services and tools.

The “COmunità On Line” (Online Community) platform is ADL SCORM certified and compliant with Italian and international web accessibility guidelines (WCAG, Law 4/04, Presidential Decree 01/03/05 nr. 75). The system as a whole has a multilingual interface that can be tailored to and integrated with the company information system. The information content, the browsing methods and the interactive features can all be used irrespective of disability, access technology and context.

Services and Solutions

  • Configuration and tailoring of the platform for Learning Management;
  • Tailoring of the system to the graphical identity of the company portal;
  • Study and definition of the documentation for the various training elements;
  • Integration of the data with the applications (Company Intranet, Management System) already in use at the organisation;
  • Design and creation of multimedia content for remote training.

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