Tools for the classroom

Technical equipment is integrated in a real, physical area – such as a classroom, training room or meeting room – to create a highly social environment where bonds and teams are formed, eliminating all factors of isolation and encouraging a cooperative form of learning. The study or work session becomes a truly interactive, involving and productive experience making use of new generation solutions that are not only dependable but also easy to use.

EduTech’s aim is to create interactive environments that can meet the new needs of schools and those of companies. We offer tools for a fresh way of interacting with content, branches of learning, information and the outside world.

We make this possible with various technologies which can be easily combined and guarantee the close collaboration of participants at training sessions, whether students, professionals, lecturers or teachers. Our solutions can be used by schools to create highly interactive environments for involving lessons, and by public and private organisations to upgrade their training and team rooms.


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